Handicap Adjustments

When men and women play in the same competition for a single prize (e.g. the Wren Stewart Trophy) from their own tees. (Men /white,  Ladies/ red) there needs to be a handicap adjustment for femail players based on the following; 

CONGU Recommendation. 
  • Men's PAR 70 - SSS 69 = 1. Men playing to handicap under Stableford would score 37. 
  • Ladies PAR 71 - SSS 71 = 0  Ladies playing to handicap  would score 36 
Therefore, in a single prize competition described above, ladies would have ONE additional stroke added to their handicap. This is for the competition only and would be discounted for any handicap adjustments.

Ref: CONGU UHS Handbook Appendix O 

Note: Where men and women play in parallel competitions, albeit in mixed groups, for separate prizes the above is not applicable. 

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